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19-12-06, 09:15
ive set up tr1 using glidos and it works perfectly at last.
but now the graphics of my computer seem to have become darker, every aspect.
ive taken a screenshot of my desktop but i won't be able to tell if it looks ok

19-12-06, 09:34
Try to reboot and see if it's still darker ;)
BTW, it can be only your imagination as TR1 under Glidos seem brighter so when you return to system it may seem darker.

Lord Icon
19-12-06, 10:02
Yes, after closing some games the brightness of the screen doesn't change back to the one you had. A small glitch which can be corrected by rebooting. Also what EscondeR said could be true. It could seem darker to you because the game was brighter. A small glitch in human vision.

By the way, the screenshot you posted looks OK to me. Besides we can't compare because to do that we would need "before and after" screenshots.

19-12-06, 17:34
its definately not my imagination, legend works ok. tr1 was a bit brighter but my friend noticed it to

19-12-06, 18:36
Whenever I close Glidos after playing TR1,my screen is always a little brighter,and the desktop colours look 'washed out' until,or unless,I reboot..nothing to worry about..

19-12-06, 23:27
it happened yesterday and it's still the same, it's like every colour on the screen has become a few shades darker, for example i can't watch things that had a dark background as they won't show up

20-12-06, 00:32
Do you have onboard graphics instead of a real graphics card?

Are your PC and monitor very old?

20-12-06, 09:40
i have a readeon x1600x 512mb graphics card
and my pc and monitor are nearly 2 years old

20-12-06, 09:54
MelikeLara, are you using some colour sheme profiles applied at system bootup? If yes check if they are still applied every boot... ;)
If no, simply right click your Desktop and select Properties. In Properties dialog choose ATI Radeon ... tab and press Start Control Center. There go to Colour settings and press Default settings button which must be there. Then apply settings. I don't remember exactly ATI CC layout but colour management must be there and Default settings available :)

20-12-06, 14:10
thanks esconder, i didn't think to check the colour part on coltrol centre lol, im such a dumbass! :p

20-12-06, 17:09
So, problem is solved (?) ;)