View Full Version : How can I play custom levels? it does not work!

19-12-06, 17:10
Hello,I have downloaded a custom level and i have this level installed with TR Level Manager 1.4 and is correctly installed but when i play this level
i see a black screen and then a error in tomb4.exe and the program shutdown
and nothing happens .
I have win xp new installed but nothing helps
i dont no what to do.
What for programs must i use to play custom levels?
I must say that playing custom levels is NOT user friendly and is a mess.
It does not work.
very frustating .
Playing doom , quake , quake 2 , or id software games custom levels is much more user friendly.

19-12-06, 17:35
Welcome to this forum, jaccoboy! :wve:

Make sure you have a fully working TRLE game before trying to install and play a custom level with Levelmanager. ;)

This means you need to have a title.tr4 in your TRLE/Data folder.
If it isn't there you need to create it:
- Open tomb2pc.exe (it's in the TRLE main folder)
- Under Edit Script click Add.
- Locate the title.tom from the TRLE/Graphics/Wads folder and open it.
- Click the Build All button.
- Wait untill it says 'Build all complete' in the output window.

Now test if the game works by clicking the tomb4.exe in the TRLE main folder.
If it works then you can install Levelmanager and use it to easily install and play custom levels. :)