View Full Version : Problems with flashplayer

L-Cpl Jones
19-12-06, 19:22
hi i must have downloaded it 100 times now but i still cant watch any flash movies or anything like that, can anyone help us please??

L-Cpl Jones
20-12-06, 01:33
well anyone?

20-12-06, 04:29
Hello L-Cpl Jones. :)

Which flash movies are you trying to play? Could you give a link to one of them?

Where did you download the player from?

L-Cpl Jones
20-12-06, 14:13
i downloaded it from adobe the official site any websites with a flash movie in them it worked till my antivirus cleared my history.

20-12-06, 14:17
Problem solved! :tmb:

20-12-06, 14:23
Before you install software, disable the antivirusscanner. If you use Spybot Search & Destroy, disable 'system protection'.

L-Cpl Jones
21-12-06, 01:43
ive got spybot, spyware blaster, Ad-aware, and Norton Anit virus on my pc. i disabled auto protection for spyware blaster turned off Norton. still no work where is 'system protection' in spybots settings?

21-12-06, 02:33
-Tea Timer', that is it called in SS&D.