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19-12-06, 22:22
How can i lock a folder~like a password protected folder?

Is it possible?

Plz help :)

I want to lock me trle folder because my brother get's on the PC and starts messing with my maps is there a way?

or can you only lock files?


19-12-06, 22:53
Right click on TRLE folder and choose Properties. Go to Security tab. Click Add. Enter your computer username and click OK. Allow everything from the list below the list of users. Remove "Everyone" from the user list.

If you don't have Properties tab, go to Control Panel > Folder Options. Go to View tab. Uncheck Simple File Sharing (Recommended) to enable folder security management.

Please apply this on test folder before applying it on the real one.

19-12-06, 23:04
Thank you for trying to help me :hug:

But i have no option like that...the only thing i have that has (reccomended) after it is...

Hide Protected Operating System Files (Recommended)


20-12-06, 00:42
laralives :wve: Here is what you should do:

Right click on TRLE folder and choose Properties. Go to Sharing tab. Under Sharing and security, tick ON "Make this a personal folder". Click Apply", then create a password. :)