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20-12-06, 00:25
..... am i the only one? I'm so irritated with all of them. Parents, step parents, and sister. Maybe its just my bipolar disorder, but for the past weeks i've shown great hatred towards them and its bumming me out.

20-12-06, 08:19
I think most of us at one time or another can say that our families can really irritate us especially when we're younger but this is something we tend to grow out of when we start to mature. I can understand that with your mood disorder this will effect you more than most, have you seen your Doctor who may be able to help?.

Other than this try not to let things get on top of you (i know it's easy for me to say), try to find time to relax and you'll start to appreciating them once more.

I hope this may help :wve:

20-12-06, 11:47
I've shown great hatred towards my dad, He just p**ses me off so much! :hea:

Ada the Mental
20-12-06, 14:42
Sometimes I feel I literally hate my brother.
I am permanently ****ed off whenever he's around.
"We don't get along" is just an understatement.

20-12-06, 14:45
I'm not that fond of most of my relatives, they're just people I'm forced to meet because of blood relation. But I'm very close with my sister and my mother, and get along with my father well enough.

20-12-06, 14:52
I'm very close to my parents and sister, but quite dislike my other relatives (paternal side). We just don't have anything in common, and it feels like I'm always in competition with them.

20-12-06, 14:56
I'm very close to my mother, because my father died when i was 5 and i have a "stepdad" (hate to say that) but i hate him so much! i can't stand him.

20-12-06, 15:01
Just turn their words around by using some arguments that seem wise. Or ignore->pun headphones on->listen to loud music until they go away ;)

20-12-06, 16:53
I can't say I hate any of my relatives, still I prefer not to meet some of them. & I don't know what to talk about with all these aunts, uncles & cousins.;) I suppose they think the same of me...:)

20-12-06, 17:26
I like all of my closer family and the feeling is mutual I think...

21-12-06, 03:20
man, my mom is yelling or i mean SCREAMING at my stepdad.... "GET OUT!!!!!" .... this is really annoying. I am going to go smash my head into a wall. Bye

21-12-06, 03:41
Like the saying goes "you can choose your friends but not your family"

Walk away don't let them get under your skin. I know it's easier said than done but that's what I used to do.

No point you getting all angry and flustered the only person that affects is you.
I would also point out to them how they are making you feel but not when they are arguing, as they are too consumed in the moment.