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20-12-06, 05:31
The killers are my favorite band.

I was just wondering who else likes them?
If you do, here we can talk about live shows, thier cds, videos, or songs and lyrics and whatnot...brandon flowers is a genius.

as of now, im addicted to Sam's Town

20-12-06, 11:25
I prefer Hot Fuss to Sam's Town, to be honest. :D

20-12-06, 11:27
I like quite a few of their Hot Fuss songs but Sam's Town is way OTT and not that catchy to me. :)

Tomb Raider Master
20-12-06, 12:29
They're a nice group. My friend is so into them. :)

Alex Fly
20-12-06, 12:48
I love their music ! :)

20-12-06, 12:57
They are good, but not my kind of music..^__^

20-12-06, 21:55
well apparantly not that many killers fans
that's ok though

everyone likes what they like

as for their cds...i love them both

we can just make this a general band discussion thread

20-12-06, 21:56
They are good.
But nothing compared to the Fratelli's. :D

20-12-06, 22:01

i don't think i've ever heard of them

what's one of their best songs iyo, and ill download it

i JUST discovered the decemberists and i really like them

20-12-06, 22:24
Well they've just released a new album so here are some of there well known songs....

Chelsea Dagger
Creepin up the backstairs
Whistle for the choir.

There my favourite band at the minute.

But if you like the killers you'll defo like these. :D

Chelsea Dagger Video. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPUZqcibh4E)

20-12-06, 22:28
I like Chelsea Dagger the most, out of all the Fratellis' stuff. Such a catchy song. =)

20-12-06, 22:40
I love The Killers! I do have to admit I prefer Hot Fuss over Sam's Town..

20-12-06, 23:53
I'm not a big fan, but I do like that one song from them 'When You Were Young'.