View Full Version : Saw Tenacious D last night after 3 years of waiting...

Another Lara
20-12-06, 15:22
and all I can say is they were absolutely freaking fantastic! It was like going to a gig as well as a comedy show, with all the different sets and props they had! KG (Kyle Gass, lead guitar) I came to realise is a real talented guitarist as well as a funny guy, and he seemed really nice as he was giving things like guitar picks and water bottles to members of the audience all through the whole show.
The rythm section that included the Anti Christ and Charlie Chaplin, complimented the D's songs amazingly and made up for the fact that Dave Grohl was not there drumming for them, lol!;)

And obvisouly there was also Jack Black... what can I say, the guy rules! He was leaping and karate kicking all around the stage, cracking jokes with KG and singing his heart out! You don't actually notice it while you're listening to the "lyrics" of the D's songs, but Jack Black does have a great singing voice and he can do so much with it... all I can say is that I love him even more for not taking himself seriously with it!

I just thought I'd make this thread because the gig was nearly 24 hours ago, but I'm still on a high from it... I had been waiting for 3 years to see them live and the two hours of watching them was worth every second of waiting!

After seeing countless bands this year in venues like Hyde Park and Milton Keynes, I can say, hands down, Tenacious D definately was my gig of the year!
Thankyou so much guys for a kick ass gig...if only I could tell them personally!:rolleyes:

20-12-06, 16:08
Omg you lucky lucky person! :D I love TD! ^_^ They're awesome! Thats really great to hear you had a blast =3 And wow, 3 years is a long time oO;

Another Lara
20-12-06, 16:26
Yup 3 years is a very long time, but I'm a patient person lol! I just missed their last UK tour which I was gutted about and so I have been waiting very patiently for them to come back! I just hope I dont have to wait so long next time!

20-12-06, 17:05
Awesome! I'm happy you had a good time :)
I myself wouldnt have had such a good time xD I dont really like Tenacious D... Have no idea why, I think its because jack black is involved ( Can't stand the guy... Makes me cringe for some reason )

Another Lara
20-12-06, 17:19
Yeah I can understand how some people can find him a bit much...My mum loves him, but she can't stand the D's music coz of all the swearing and rudeness! But I absolutely love him and the D's music! I still havent forgiven my uncle for going to the School of Rock Premier without me and meeting Jack Black!:hea: He's a great guy according to my uncle, but then he gets on with anyone who listens to the same music as him!

20-12-06, 17:42
I really can't stand Jack Black, sorry.

20-12-06, 18:14
I think Jack's a bit OTT but very funny and talented. Lucky you for seeing the D live, AL. :D