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in these arms
20-12-06, 15:45
A little Battle of the Saws here. Which film series, (though if I know correctly Chainsaw has 1 film), did you like best?

I'll post later.

20-12-06, 15:57
Edit: Saw II :)

20-12-06, 15:57
Saw II :D

20-12-06, 16:21
A little Battle of the Saws here. Which film series, (though if I know correctly Chainsaw has 1 film)
There are quite a few texas chainsaw massacres. :)

But would have be the saw series, since well none of the other chainsaw massacre films shot off.

20-12-06, 16:34
Which series?

Saw I think.
The old Texas may be a classic, but it didn't make me feel the same as the Saw films have :tmb:

20-12-06, 17:59
The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. :)

20-12-06, 18:23

20-12-06, 18:51
I personally prefer Saw, but the original TCM was freaky - the new one is crap though.

20-12-06, 19:03
saw :)

in these arms
20-12-06, 19:46
Saw, it's quite gory and the beggining of Saw I was great!

20-12-06, 20:20
the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies are great. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 was so freaking funny. The next generation film, a 1994 remake of the original with Renee Zellweger and Matthew McConaughey was awful. The new remake beats that one in a heart beat.

20-12-06, 22:21
Saw. I thought I could handle blood and gore until I saw Saw III. Those movies did a great job of making me cringe.

20-12-06, 22:23
Saw is the better overall series, containing three films of almost equal quality.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre though has the best individual Film. I refer of course to its original. The sequals aren't great, or at least the one I saw wasn't (No 3)

20-12-06, 22:41
Saw, definitely!