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20-12-06, 16:16


This video is now on line. I want to share it with you, because i think it is stunning, and has a great message, which seemed to be rather misunderstood, and perverted by the press, and I hate that.

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20-12-06, 16:30
can you tell me that messege?
other than that screen what can i say?

20-12-06, 16:44
can you tell me that messege?
other than that screen what can i say?

The message? Basically it is that these people need help. The rest is open to interpretation.

If you want my interpretation of this and what she is trying to get across, it would be this:

Stop crucifying yourself in such a self centered way, and consider yourself a cell in the body of humanity, rather than the centre of the universe. Take this message from someone who learned it the hard way, and do not forget the lessons we learned from Jesus, and everything they stand for.

Mikel Croft
20-12-06, 18:32
Madonna is brilliant.

20-12-06, 18:41

:vlol: She looks weird here :vlol:

20-12-06, 18:42
Madonna needs help.

Alex Fly
20-12-06, 18:44
Madonna is a provoker...

20-12-06, 18:49
Madonna is controversial.

Agent 47
20-12-06, 19:01
Madonna isn't full of her self like these young female divas :jmp:

20-12-06, 19:25
Madonna needs help.