View Full Version : Weebl and Bob appreciation thread!

20-12-06, 19:21
Here's the place to discuss the mumbling egg shapes called Weebl and Bob! I adore them! I think my favorite would be: "hams"by bob. :vlol:
If you don't know go and watch their Videos on "Weebls-stuff.com" (www.weebls-stuff.com)

20-12-06, 21:01
Weebl is an absolute legend! No doubt about it!

If anyone has Sky and can watch UKTVG2, then check out a program called 'Totally Viral'. It has lots of videos from the Internet and Weebl does the opening/ending credits (and the song) and also the linking clips. He is an amazin' fella.

20-12-06, 21:02
One of my favourites is "Gothic". Saw it on Newgrounds.com and thought it was absolutely hilarious. :vlol:

20-12-06, 21:04
I love some of their videos, they're so funny!! :p :vlol: