View Full Version : TR 1-3 level selection on Pc

20-12-06, 20:56
Hi, is there any way to make this work? after you have completed the game and want to play different levels over again? wikthout having infinite ammo that is! :) Anyone? =)

20-12-06, 20:59
No. You load your savegames, that's all. Y
What you can do is create savegames from each level start, and save them in an archive folder you create.

20-12-06, 21:12
ok, because i'm used to the playstation version! :)

Thank you, then i'll do that! :)

(They all function now!) ;)

20-12-06, 22:09
hrmph. :(

It wasn't enough saveblocks to do that with the entire game! :( TR2 that is, so i doubt it will work with Tr 3. :(