View Full Version : Promoting Jack Thompson is none other than our Lara Croft!

20-12-06, 23:56

Okay, she's not technically promoting him but the err... friendly man is using her to obviously show his hatred of video games. I guess it shows how great Lara is then :D.

Mad Tony
21-12-06, 00:10
Hmm...but that hideous AOD Lara model was up there. :(
Well, least it wasn't Legends (which would be just as bad, but not worse IMO).

Tomb Raider 5194
21-12-06, 00:15
Its just sick that Lara is on that Banner :eek: because Jack Thompson is a "little" crazy.:cool:

21-12-06, 00:49
if ever there was a man that i said i hated.....its jack thompson. He is a bad person.