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21-12-06, 04:00
have been thinking about getting a new computer for a while now and I'm wondering if this is a good deal
It's an:
ACER aspire media centre edition desktop E650:
Pentium D dual core (2.8GHz)
1gb memory
160GB harddrive
dvd burner
27" LCD TV ( valued at $1300 separately)
Intel viiv
Vista premium ready
and lots of other stuff too...

all for $2499...Good deal or not?

21-12-06, 04:41

I'm going to move this to "technical support". It's not that you posted in the wrong place, I just think you might get more replies than you currently are doing if the thread is right under the noses of the tech wizards who will able to advise you in the manner you're hoping for.

21-12-06, 05:09
Here is http://www.nextag.com/acer-aspire-e650/search-html : Acer Aspire E650 Desktop

[3.0 GHz - Pentium - 2.0 GB RAM - 2 GB Hard Drive - Windows XP Media Center Edition, Windows XP Home
Intel Pentium D 930 3.0GHz - 2GB DDR2 SDRAM - 300GB - DVD-Reader (DVD-ROM), DVD-Writer (DVD R/ RW) - Gigabit Ethernet - Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 - Mini-tower ]
And here:
Acer Aspire™ E650 (ASE650UP9300) PC Desktop: Product Features (http://www.dealtime.com/xPF-Acer-Acer-Aspire-E650-PD-930-3GHz-2GB-DDR2-300GB-SATA-HDD-Dual-Layer-DVDRW-DVD-ROM-ATI-Rad~r-1~CLT-INTR~RFR-www.google.nl)

Lowest Price: $664.85
Add your 27" LCD TV ( valued at $1300 separately) that would make under $2000 total

Pentium D dual core (2.8GHz) is a fine CPU, but it is previous generation. Core2Duo is twice as efficient. That's why generally, the Pentium is being dumped.
As graphic card it has: ATI MOBILITY RADEON X1300 which is weak.

You would buy a fine but outdated machine, with mediocre performance, and not ready for the future.
I'd say for $2499 it is no good deal.