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21-12-06, 08:59
I need some tester for a new TRAOD installer :)

Update Installer (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/download/trupdate.exe) including TR AOD

This new installer combines v42 and v49 into one updater that can be used on v39,42 and v52*.

The Installer replaces the 3 updates from eidos in one simple program that will also reset back to factory defaults after installation.

The download size is 3.5MB compared to 5.1MB(v42) 8.5MB(v49) and for 6.9MB(v52)

Installing v49 gives the most stable version and full functionality to TRAOD SCU (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/tng/updates.html) (Software Configuration Utility) including the benchmarking removed by v52

*v52 was only issued to remove the benchmarking ability with AOD and caused problems with saved games in v49

only Croft
21-12-06, 18:41
Looks good. It installed mine till patch 49, and game play isn't affected, just as buggy as it was before :tea:

Nice work Sim :tmb:

Lord Icon
21-12-06, 21:27
I'll give it a try later today.

The download size is 4.8MB compared to 5.1MB(v42) 8.5MB(v49) and for 6.9MB(v52)

Maybe now you could consider integrating those TR6 updates into your universal multi-patcher since the size of them is now only 4.8MB? Just a thought.

21-12-06, 22:48
I now have it down to 3.5MB :)

Now integrated with the multi-patch installer. (link in first post changed)

22-12-06, 04:27
Sorry: download from the link is only 0 bytes... :confused:

22-12-06, 08:43
Fixed :)

23-12-06, 05:55
Tested on Vista and on XP: it upgraded my Build 39 to 49, it downgraded my Build 52 to 49! Besides this, in filesize it weighs less than the two patches combined! :cln:
It is simply wonderfull!! :tmb: :D