View Full Version : Opening An .ISO File.

22-12-06, 00:26
Hello fellow forum folks. :wve:

I've got a .ISO file that I downloaded. Now all I need to do is open it. I know how to burn them onto CDs/DVDs but, I just don't have any left. I just would like to open it straight from the .ISO. Is there any program that'll do this? :p

Thanks in advance! :tmb: Merry Christmas. :wve:

22-12-06, 00:37
You just want to open it and that's it?

You could use Deamon Tools, Power Iso or Alcohol 120% I think.

22-12-06, 03:44
IsoBuster (http://www.isobuster.com/isobusterdownload.php). :wve:

Chug a Bug
23-12-06, 21:44
WinRAR! Will also open zip, tar, 7z, cab... etc!