View Full Version : PS2 repairs

Lonely Istari
23-12-06, 03:53
Has anyone ever done this?


I want to do it, but I am afraid to ruin my Playstation for good. :( It has been giving me lots of problems lately, and I'm pretty sure that its because I use it as a dvd player way too much. :o But now, I can't get any of my games to work! So, I want to do this self repair thing if I can. But I was wondering if anyone had done it before and if it works?

23-12-06, 04:28
Are you having those problems where it won't load this disc when you put it in or when you are playing it the textures disappear and eventually the game freezes up?

23-12-06, 05:20
is the problem where your playstation is not reading your disks?

Lonely Istari
23-12-06, 17:55
The problem was with loading the games. It would always say Disc read error. But I went ahead and followed the directions... (having to figure a few things out for myself I'm proud to say :D ...my PS2 is built a little different than the one in the example on that website) but it is now reading discs again... I still have some trouble with the blue PS2 discs, but they are working which is better than before... they weren't working at all before.

So, if you are wondering if this works... it does! at least it helped me! :D