View Full Version : TR level player problems

23-12-06, 18:36
When I play the tomb raider level player, lara controls very weird. Sometimes when I hold the left or right key button, lara keeps moving in that direction even after I take my finger of the key. I know my keyboard isn't jammed because right now its acting fine.

Also, lara's hair seems to be all messed up. I can see outlines in her hair. How do I get rid of this?

23-12-06, 18:49
Do you mean the level editor when you say level player?..

23-12-06, 18:57
I mean the level player for the level editor, yes.

23-12-06, 18:59
Someone else had this problem a while ago..go into control configuration,switch from keyboard to joystick and back again..I think that remedied the prob..

23-12-06, 19:12
changing the resolution seemed to solve the problem. But the framerate is awful (i'm in 800/600). How come tr5 ran fine in this mode?

23-12-06, 19:20
Do you have vol FX and bump mapping on as well?..they'll have an effect on framerate..

23-12-06, 19:25
yes, but it shouldn't be having problems. I have a AMD 64 X2 cpu and a geforce 6150 256MB vid. card.

23-12-06, 19:28
When I had slowdown I did a spyware scan and found some stuff that needed removing,then rebooted..you could give that a try..