View Full Version : Coyote Creek

27-12-06, 15:36
:) What a wonderful game! It's so atmospheric, and not a single texture looks out of place.

I'm stuck :( it's that shovel again. I've browsed the old Coyote Creek threads but no luck, wherever I stand, she won't dig. Any help appreciated. Thanks :)

27-12-06, 15:49
It takes a bit of trial and error to get her to dig..take a few steps back from the wall,to where the mound of earth is much lower..

27-12-06, 16:11
It should work when Lara stands on teh flat part on top of the mount. ;)

27-12-06, 16:18
I thought that was what I was doing:mad: . But, after reading your comments, I did it after 3 goes. Thanks guys!:D :yah:

27-12-06, 16:19