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28-12-06, 08:11

Whenever I play Tomb Raider 1 on my "Windows Millenium" PC, the graphics always look pixelated? The Detail levels are on high and the game runs pretty smoothly but, It still looks over-pixelated. Can anyone help me with my problem?

LaLandria :)

28-12-06, 10:43
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You may try with F1 and F4 keys to switch between 320x240 and 640x480 screen resolution and to enable or disable mip mapping. With F2 and F3 you may set up the screen size.

28-12-06, 15:11
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What Bokkie says, and for the rest: you are seeing how the game the originally looked on a PC that time.

You can run TR1 on DgVoodoo, it works on Windows ME as well.
Use the » Advanced Tomb Raider Installer (Download (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/windowsxp2.html) - Freeware)

1. Run the Advanced Installer,
2. select TR Original
3. yes to DgVoodoo
4. Yes to let installer configure soundcard