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28-12-06, 15:54
Well I have this problem with my mouse where I'll be moving the pointer on the screen for whatever reason and then suddenly its at the bottom, top, left right hand side of the screen!

My mouse is the "Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse (http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/mouseandkeyboard/productdetails.aspx?pid=009)" I replaced my old worn out one with this last night.

Any advice would be appreciated.

28-12-06, 16:20
Welcome to the optical mouse world.
Are you using a mousemat with a textile cover? A photo cover? Using it on a white desk?
There should be a manual with it, explaining which surfaces are recommended.

28-12-06, 16:20
What surface is the mouse on, that can affect things.

28-12-06, 16:31
Download the manual from here: http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/documentation/default.aspx
It seems you need to Run the Bluetooth Connection guide, did you do that?

28-12-06, 16:32
I'm using a mousemat with a plastic-y sort of surface (its actually a TRIII mousemat I won lol) I did have a manual that came with it but it doesn't mention anything about which surface are recommended/not recommended.

edit: I'm checking out the link now...
edit2: just checked through the online manual but its not any differant to the the one I've got...so no recommendation on surfaces. And I don't what the bluetooth connection guide is? so I assume I haven't ran it :/

28-12-06, 16:33
Did you run the Bluetooth Connection Guide?

28-12-06, 16:45
No I don't think so (I don't know what it is either...) but I've just started using the mouse without the mousemat and it all seems to be working a lot better.

28-12-06, 16:49
Note that it says that it is a basic mouse. 'Optical' just means a little 'lamp'. Laser is much better technology. More expensive also, but worth it.

28-12-06, 16:54
Optical seems better than the ball version I used to have. What makes a laser mouse better?

28-12-06, 17:00
A laser mouse scans the surface much more precisely, it is less sensitive to the texture of the surface. It doesn't get as easily confused losing track. Also, (the good ones: Logitech, Microsoft) sends more info per second to the PC. A higher frequency, and a higher resolution.

Optical is much more comfortable than ye old ballmouse. But laser is the real deal. Logitech G5 / G7 is on top. :tmb:

Logitech mice. (http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/products/productlist/CA/EN,CRID=19)

28-12-06, 17:08
I have a 2500dpi laser gaming mouse. Its a great mouse and only cost me about £20 (computer fair ftw!)

Its an A4tech x7 mouse: http://www.a4tech.us/product2.asp?CID=102&SCID=103&MNO=X-750BF


28-12-06, 17:10
Thanks for the info, I'll have to look into getting one of those next time around. (I see there's a left handed one too - ideal :)) and only £20? that's actually a pretty good price.

28-12-06, 17:12
and only 20? that's actually a pretty good price.

Thats because I got it from a computer fair so it was a lot cheaper.