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30-12-06, 04:40
I have been using WMM for like 2 years and it has worked fine... until now. Lately videos take WAAAAAY to long to save... for example right now i am trying to save a 8 minute AVI video... at it told me the estimated time was 4,478 minutes... the estimated time rises and nothing gets done. I have saved a 16 minute AVI with alot better quality and only had to wait around 27 minutes... soooo im thinking there is a problem. Anyone else have this problem and know how to fix it?

EDIT: Been waiting for 20 minutes now xD
For some reason im thinking this isnt normal ^.^;

30-12-06, 08:25
Don't use AVI, it is much too large in filesize. An 8 minute AVI will be several GIGAbites. Of course your PC has a tough job rendering that. Unless you have a high end PC, it will take long. Don't be fooled by the "estimated remaining time" message, that's nor accurate at all and often changes during the process.

30-12-06, 08:32
Have some readings in Atomic Learning - Windows Movie Maker 2 (http://www.atomiclearning.com/moviemaker2). :)

30-12-06, 13:25
Thanks Joseph! I knew you would have an answer =3