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tlr online
30-12-06, 13:37
Do I need advise anything further?

Hi Simon.

Can you tell me which web page you're getting an error with? Regarding the installation, please select DGVoodoo, which is a free alternative to GLIDOS, and follow on screen instructions. The whole process has been designed to be as painless as poss. ;)


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> Hi. I am just about to install all my TR games when I came across your site. GREAT site by the way. Anyhow, 2 points. I have the box on screen for the installation of the Advanced Installer. I am asked to select which version of TR1 I have. It says 'for Sold Out versions click here' well mine is a sold out version and when I click here the web page cannot be found. So thats the first problem. Next, should I install Glidos first or the Advanced Installer? Can you advise me on that please. Thanks Simon

30-12-06, 13:59
If he's using the installer he doesn't need Glidos and vice-versa...but Glidos is still quicker than the installer when used with the ready made TR archive from the Glidos site..

tlr online
30-12-06, 14:14
Shouldn't he use DG Voodoo instead? It's free and just as good as GLIDOS. It's also included in the installer.

30-12-06, 14:15
True,Glidos will cost him $6 to unlock,but I still maintain that the setup is quicker,and Glidos allows the use of texturepacks..

30-12-06, 15:47
Shouldn't he use DG Voodoo instead? It's free and just as good as GLIDOS. It's also included in the installer.
Yes of course should he use DgVoodoo, for those 2 reasons plus it is better to configure than Glidos.

Anyway, of course that link is dead, since the hub was moved.

Sold Out version or not, the installation procedure is the same.
The link was meant for the Audio-replacement might his SoldOut version be missing the audiotracks. First check if they are present or not: read this (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showpost.php?p=364127&postcount=4) please.

In Advanced Installer, to which TR version you have, select: Tomb Raider Original.

30-12-06, 16:22
I am just about to install all my TR games
I think it is best to direct him to Tech FAQ on Tombraiderhub.com (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/faq/index.html) as that contains all the latest info and links for all the games.

As to TR1 both dgVoodoo and Glidos will give good results, but if he is prepared to pay for Glidos then you can use the Texture Packs (now complete) and the PS2 Audio which gives extra tracks compared to the PC version.

tlr online
30-12-06, 17:08
Does Advanced Installer have links embedded in the app? Are they the old links?

30-12-06, 17:33
Yes it does, and 1 of them is an old link: http://www.tombraiderhub.com/tr1/faq/audio_repair.html

It gives a "Can't find Page" message.

You could simply make a redirect page on that URL, then it's solved.

30-12-06, 18:40
I have created a redirect to the new tr audio page on the hub. :tmb:

P.S. I'll also let Elen know about this.

30-12-06, 18:41
So i see. Excellent, Sim! :D

30-12-06, 20:04
I'll fix the deadlinks in the next TR Advanced Installer release (1.06).