View Full Version : AOD fast sound problem

Woop Legend!
31-12-06, 17:53
I just installed Angel of Darkness and Lara's voice at the beginning and all the sound effects are realllly quick. Like she is minnie mouse on speed or something

I downloaded the latest patch and it hasn't changed anything :(

31-12-06, 17:57
Your sound driver is out of date and needs to be updated.

» Lara sounds like a chipmunk and talks very fast.
Update the sound card driver. Confirmed problem on the Realtek Sound chip. If this still doesn't work go to your Windows Control Panel (Start, Settings, Control Panel). Click Sound and Multimedia. Once you are in Sound and Multimedia Properties click the Audio tab. In the box Sound Playback click Advanced, choose the Performance tab and set the Hardware acceleration from Full acceleration to Basic acceleration or No Acceleration.

Woop Legend!
31-12-06, 18:25
Thanks a lot that did it :)