View Full Version : Still having problems with flash player!!

L-Cpl Jones
31-12-06, 18:04
This is really p***ing me off now!!! i cant watch any flash movies or sites, bebo, youtube, nothing, the only way i can get it to work is to restart the pc, then run a flash uninstall program, then download flash again, then it works!! but after i turn the pc off it goes back to square one!!! Nothing seems to be blocking it.

31-12-06, 18:27
By any chance do you have quicktime installed? I have heard of that causing problems before. Try uninstalling it and see if it works then, at least we can then rule it out.

L-Cpl Jones
31-12-06, 18:35
well ive uninstalled QT and removed and reinstalled Flash 9 its working now, but ill have to let you know tomorrow if its still working.

L-Cpl Jones
01-01-07, 11:57
well its still working ill keep you posted.

L-Cpl Jones
01-01-07, 13:00
Ok just turned my pc on again now it doesnt work.....

L-Cpl Jones
04-01-07, 01:47
found out the problem, stupid Regscrub for some reason deletes the registry entries!! stopped using it now.