View Full Version : Problem with Glidos

01-01-07, 14:41
I'm having a slight problem with Glidos. I've been playing TR1 with the high-res textures from the tombraiderXtra project, and up until recently, it was working fine. However now, for some reason, it won't load the textures. It recognises the texture packs (the main menu, for example, has the edited backgrounds from the Xtra project) but in-game, all the textures are still the standard TR1 ones. Any idea how I can get it to run the high-res versions again?

Thanks :)

01-01-07, 15:08
Sorry guys, this was another classic case of not checking out all the options before asking for help :vlol:

I can't exactly remember which option the F4 button controls in Glidos, but whatever it is, as soon as I pressed it the high-res textures were reloaded :D

Apologies, this thread can probably be closed now