View Full Version : AOD sound problem

Woop Legend!
01-01-07, 19:49
The music in AOD was great until I got up to Bouchards Hideout, then the music crackled or dragged sometimes. Now I am at the sewer level I cannot even hear music becuase it is just crackling and dragging completely.

I have v49 patch becuase v52 messed up my game last time and i had to reinstall. PLease help :)

01-01-07, 21:42
Click Start > Run... type in:
click OK.
On the "Sound" tab, move the slider to the left for 'no hardware acceleration'.

Woop Legend!
01-01-07, 21:44
Did that

Still no change in my crappy sound :(

Oh and thanks for the help with the loading. The game now loads no problem :hug:

01-01-07, 21:50
But have you updated your Realtek sounddrivers, as Simulation told you to do?