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02-01-07, 15:06
Is it possible to link your Xbox 360 controller up to your PC and play the old Tomb Raider's with it. I've heard it before but im not sure if it is true?

02-01-07, 15:56
Has anyone got any info on this?

02-01-07, 15:57
Not unless you have an adapter that can recognize the Xbox 360's controller address and an IR sensor built into your PC that can pick up the infrared beam. :p

02-01-07, 16:05
so i guess thats a big fat 'NO', thanks anyway :)

02-01-07, 16:30
Yeah, I am sure you can. I have an adapter that supports PS1, PS2, GameCube and Dreamcast controllers all on the same thing.

I'm sure you can connect Xbox (360) controllers also...

02-01-07, 20:50
Oh yes you can.
XBOX 360 Controller for Windows. When you use it with the PC version of Tomb Raider Legend, the vibration option cannot be turned on.
The solution is a hack driver of the controller.
See this page.

The Ultimate Guide (http://xbcd360guide.50webs.com/guide.html)

02-01-07, 20:54
That looks really good. Can you use PS2 controllers for the PC as well?

02-01-07, 20:57
JoyToKey (Download (http://hp.vector.co.jp/authors/VA016823/joytokey/english.html) - Freeware)
This program can be used to drive your PSX Gamepad on the PC. You can purchase a PSX/PC converter and use an application called JoyToKey, which is a keyboard emulator for joysticks. See related Tech Thread (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=50243). If the site isn't available use this alternate download (http://neteru.tombraiderforums.com/files/jtk379en.zip).

Chug a Bug
02-01-07, 21:20
Alternatively you can use this (http://www.play.com/Games/PC/4-/114167/Play_com_USB_Dual_PS2_to_PC_Convertor_XP/Product.html) adaptor from Play.com - it's the one I use. It comes with it's own drivers on CD. Just install, plug in your PS2 controller, and play. It's fully DirectX compatible so no need for joy2key unless you're playing TR1. :)