View Full Version : Problems with AoD - help, please?

04-01-07, 15:42
I recently installed AoD again, and everything was fine. I'm up to Parisian Ghetto, and the sound keeps going low, so I can't hear what people are saying, but I can hear the music fine. Also, the game seems to be lagging a bit, which is annoying because I can't really enjoy the game properly. I'm using the v49 patch. COuld anyone help me? It would be greatly appreciated. :wve:

04-01-07, 18:50
Click Start > Run... type in:
click OK.
On the "Sound' tab, move the slider to the left for 'no hardware acceleration'.

If this does not help, post your result of Diagnose.exe (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/download/diagnose.exe) . :)

04-01-07, 21:03
It's working so far - thank you. :)

EDIT: I think it's the SCU. I haven't used it this time and the game runs fine.

04-01-07, 21:22
You mean the 'no hardware acceleration' trick did it? :)

04-01-07, 21:54
Yes, I meant that. I wasn't too specific, was I? :p

05-01-07, 01:27
No you weren't.... but anyone who helps another out here, we always appreciate to read the result of our assistance. And then specifically what was the solution so that not only yourself, but anyone with the same problem who reads it can be helped with it as well. :)
So, thanks for your latest reply, enjoy the game. :wve: