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05-01-07, 14:06

My internet plan is DialUp 56kb.
When I connect to the internet, I get a little bubble saying
"Webtec connected - 52kb " Which is the normal number I get
(On the odd ocasion, I get 50kb or even 33.5kb which is quite slow)
When i download files, they download at about 5kb/s or lower.
Im currently downloading a program called GAME-CAM. And its downloading from INSIDE the program at 12kb/s! which is amazingly fast for me.

Is my connection supposed to download at 56k/s? As it says in the Info Bubble after connection? Is there a way to boost it up a bit :) ?



05-01-07, 16:32
There two different figures.

There are 8 kilobits in a kilobyte. A 56k model means it can download up to 56kilobits a second, which is aproxamately 7KB. However, usually its slightly less then 7KB, usually between 4KB and 6KB.

Some programs can increase your download speed, usually through using data compressing and techniques to get max speeds. :)