View Full Version : Found a New Game Video Capture Program :)

06-01-07, 05:07
This program works VERY well. Its called Game Cam.


It works very good, you can screenshot,video capture (Audio Enabled) Games. You can choose any of the TR Games or any other game :) It will take a while to learn to use (It took me a few minutes :p ) Give it a try :tmb:

Maybe someone could add this to the Video Capturing Thread located in the Sticky thread of Technical Support. Try it, you wont regret it :)

The only limit this program has is the GameCam Logo which will appear in the corner of your captured video, Im sure you would be able to remove it via Paying or something.


06-01-07, 05:22
Awesome! Thanks for posting, mizuno! :tmb:

06-01-07, 06:10
Thanks Joseph :tmb: Would you want to add it to the Video Capturing Section in the Technical Support Links Section ;) Its really good.Way better than fraps. I just tried the program with other programs (Dxtre3d) to be exact :) It records! :tmb:

I would like to give full credit to Kyo for giving me the idea of downloading this program in the first place. I got the idea from watching his "Look at me" video, seeing the Logo in the corner of the screen gave me the idea. Thanks Kyo!

06-01-07, 06:17
I'll ask Simulation to do that. :)

Why do you find it better than Fraps?

06-01-07, 08:59
Ok. For example.

When I try to record videos from the Tomb Raider II engine, I have to make sure the setup is at the WORST settings possible (Resolution, Bit choices etc..) To get Lara not to move at 1frame a second. With the Best Possible Setup Choices, Lara moves at prehaps 1frame every 2seconds. When recording.

Also, when I record with fraps. The audio comes out distorted and sounds like a TV when you put it onto a channel with no program on it. So this program is my choice :)

06-01-07, 09:00
Yes you are right: i recently tried Fraps on TR2, didn't work at all! Didn't try lowering the settings though...
So this Game Cam does that well? :)

06-01-07, 09:02
Yes, I tried to run it on the TR2 Engine (The game cam that is) And the little window didnt pop up ingame, I will try again :)

06-01-07, 09:08
Which "little window"??? :confused:

06-01-07, 09:27
Ok, If you download Game Cam, and run.. Tomb Raider Legend for example, You will see a little window in the corner of the game window, this is the window showing a smaller version of the game screen, This shows whats going to be recorded. It doesnt appear in TR2 for some reason :S

06-01-07, 09:35
Aha. No, i haven't downloaded it yet to try.... will do later. Maybe you have solved it by then!

06-01-07, 10:13
I have known about Game Cam for years, and yes, its a lot better than Fraps in my opinion.