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07-01-07, 12:59
Hi to all the technical support team :)

For about a day now, Whenever I connect to Internet, After about 5minutes, I get an error telling me (Its one of those Would you like to send a report blah blah messages to microsoft)

Generic host for Win32 Services.

I constantly get this EVERY time I connect to the internet, then 5minutes later.
I looked at whats causing it and it says something like Svchoost and something with random letters. I looked on google etc.. (searched) for this specific error and I tried many techniques (Disabling WIA in the Administrative tools section in Control Panel) And I downloaded a program called WWDC (windows worm doors) None of these seem to work. I think it could be a virus or spyware or something.

Hopefully you guys could either direct me to a program or a method to stop this appearing from now on.

If you need more info about the error I get,
- When I click DONT SEND on the error, My connection slows down VERY quickly, then MSN Disconnects and tries to re-connect. Then I disconnect the internet via the Little Two PC's Screen on the toolbar, Then, when I try to re-connect, The DialUp screen just flashes and disappears. I log off my account, log back in again, and then When I try to connect, I get an error about my modem. If I restart the PC, and log in, then try to connect, the internet connects, but I still get the error about 5minutes after being connected.

It happened to me about 20mins ago, I was uploading a vid to youtube, at 98% i got the error, At a 56k connection, it was a waste of uploading the vid, as i will have to wait for another 30mins >_>

If ANYONE can help me with a solution, I will be VERY thankful :) :hug:


07-01-07, 13:09
Sounds like it could be virus to me. Download AVG Free Edition and do a full system scan, and then also do a spyware scan to be on the safe side.

07-01-07, 13:37
Nothing against you, But I will wait for a mod such as Joseph or Simulation to come by, Need to get the most proffessional help possible :) If I dont get a reply soon, I will try your method :wve:

07-01-07, 14:28
Hi Mizuno. Jamie is a MAC lover, but that doesn't mean his advices are less valuable than Simulation's or mine! :D Jamie knows very well what he is talking about.

Actually this could be a virus or Trojan.
Do you have a working automatically updated, recent antivirus program? If you have, it could still be that a trojan sneaked in.

You could do an Online Scan, it doesn't matter from which company, they are all as good, so for instance here at Symantec: http://security.symantec.com/sscv6/default.asp?langid=ie&venid=sym it may take an hour, depending on the size of your harddisk. This program scans your entire computer. Give it the time it needs.

After that,
Let your ports scanned online by
Shields UP! (https://www.grc.com/x/ne.dll?bh0bkyd2)

I seem to remember you have dial up?

07-01-07, 14:48
Hi Mizuno. Jamie is a MAC lover, but that doesn't mean his advices are less valuable than Simulation's or mine! :D Jamie knows very well what he is talking about.

Thanks. But when was I a mac lover? I can't stand them.. :D

Lord Icon
07-01-07, 16:24
Also wouldn't be a bad idea to scan your system with Ad-aware and Spybot for spyware, malware, adaware and other junk picked from the Internet.