View Full Version : Tomb Raider Last Revelation Not Working

07-01-07, 13:35
I use the PS2 to play my PS1 games on as well as PS2 ones. And I just tried to play TRLR and it wont let me play it. It says reading disk but it doesn't load and I've rinsed it and dried it and it won't work. Please help me I really want to play on this game! Its about 5 years old I might add. Thanks.

07-01-07, 14:16
rinsed it ? Isn't that too harsh? You should polish it rather. How does the data surface look? It should be clean and shiney.
If this disk is the only one of your collection that does not run, it is the disk.
To polish the disk, go to a shop that has the machine to do that. For a few euros they can fix it in 5 minutes. :)

(Btw: it is Last Revelation, not revolution)