View Full Version : Is the real question what console to get next?

08-01-07, 05:41
I have a ps2 -- I don't play a whole lot of games. It's really my "too cheap to buy a dvd player" dvd player. I can watch movies on it fine, and I recently replayed TRL (as in, two weeks ago), but I rented a game from Blockbuster and it spit out a disc read error -- I assumed the game was overly scratched, and took it back. Got a really clean disc -- disc read error. tried TRL again -- disc read error. tried a dvd, it worked. WTeff? My PS2 won't play PS2 games.. or PS games. I blew out the dust and ran a laser-lens cleaner, to no good.

So... my options are: fix ps2, buy ps3, or buy a different console. I'd rather have the ps3, but with what I hear of it crashing, I don't know what to do. Opinions would be welcome!

08-01-07, 06:06
For a good price there is Xbox 360
TRL is on Xbox 360 in next gen graphics too, plus it plays DVDs

Just a suggestion until PS3 has better games and fixes early development issues.

08-01-07, 06:48
thnx for your imput^^

I decided to crack open the ruddy thing and fix it -- or attempt to. I figured there was no harm, since it was already screwing up. However -- I did fix it! At least I'll be able to keep it for a while longer, until, like you said, PS3 fixes development issues.

Mad Tony
08-01-07, 07:21
This is happened to my big brother's PS2 a little while ago (over the Christmas period as well :rolleyes:) and we opened it up a couple of times and attempted to fix it, but the games kept going wrong after about a day or so.
He just used mine instead.
I don't know if the same will happen to yours though. :wve: