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08-01-07, 22:55
Hello fellow tombraiders
Can I use the enhanced texture packs without using glidos?
Tombraider 1 is running perfectly on the machine (after much ado)
The PC is used only for playing Quake2 and Tombraider and some other "older classics" when 3dfx was king.

P4 2ghz
Lex BN266a MOBo AC '97
1gig pc133 Kingston RAm
3DFX Voodoo5-5500 64 megs AGp
Running Windows Win ME

also...I had lots of trouble getting the sound working under winme...until I did a full re-install of my audio drivers progs and drivers.Realtek Ac 97
Then it was just a matter of autodetect...a220 i5 d1.I had a couple of dos4gw errors and a few reboots later everything was fine.Proper 3dfx looks wonderful on Tomb1.If anyone is in a similar situation let me know as I spent ages doing all this

08-01-07, 23:04
Welcome to the forums.

Sorry, but you need Glidos.

Lord Icon
08-01-07, 23:09
As Sim already said there is no way you can use the HiRes Texture Packs without Glidos. Those packs were made specifically for Glidos.

09-01-07, 14:25
Ahh OK thanks for that.....much appreciated:jmp: