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10-01-07, 13:58
Do you know what is the average FPS for Legend on this card?

10-01-07, 14:45
You don't ask next generation or normal version, but it can handle next gen quite fine. It will be under the norm of all maximum settings @ 1600x1200/85Hz what the X1900XT/XTX512MB version can handle: 42 fps, but still.
The 256MB VRAM of the 1950Pro will make the game stutter here and there, but if you play at lower resolution anyway and consider the price, you have a good choice here.
Sapphire Radeon X1950PRO 256MB GDDR3, PCI-Express, HDCP, 2xDVI-I, Lite-Retail (http://www.komplett.nl/k/ki.asp?sku=326957) € 193,01

10-01-07, 15:17
Yes, NG performance is important for me. But I'm a AGP user. Nowadays I've been thinking to buy a new card. It is Sapphire X1950 Pro 512 MB. It is almost same that you said...

10-01-07, 15:28
That's a high end card, very recommendable for optimal performance! :tmb: But it is important that the rest of the PC is high end too, otherwise you won't get the desired performance.

Could you post your system's specs?
You could use Everest Home (http://www.jozefdekkers.nl/everesthome200.zip).

10-01-07, 15:34
Intel 2.8 GHz HT
1.5 GB DDR400 Ram
200 GB Sata 1 Disk

10-01-07, 15:43
Where did you see a AGP version of this card??? :confused:

Realise, that for a power hungry card of this category the Power Supply should be a good 500 Watt...

The old generation Pentium HT is relatively slow compared to Core2Duo (which is 3 times faster)...

10-01-07, 15:57
Here is the Link:
http://www.sapphiretech.com/uk/media/... (http://www.sapphiretech.com/uk/media/pressview.php?pid=71)

My power supply is OK. (480 Watt)

10-01-07, 16:16
I didn't know it existed for AGP. :) Knowing Sapphire that version can only be a very good card, they ported the PCI express version to AGP.
For the PSU: 480 Watt of itself does not guarantee anything. Only a good PSU from a wellknown brand can be trusted reliable. What it needs to do is provide enough amperes on the 12 V rails. I use a Coolermaster Realpower 550 W myself.
Yours could be well enough. You could take the risk by trying... you could always replace the PSU later if needed.

10-01-07, 16:37
PS's brand is Thermaltake. I think it is good & real PSU, too. But this is not a problem. I'm not sure about performance. Also, in the future, maybe a DirectX10 card might be release for AGP. :confused:

10-01-07, 16:45
Thermaltake is a reliable brand, ok. :tmb:
I don't expect DirectX10 cards for AGP, that system bus speed is too limited for DX10 bandwidth needs. Add to that, there are no DX10 games yet, so in practice DX9.0c will be the norm for at least a year.

10-01-07, 16:58
Thanks.:) Probably I'm going to buy it.

10-01-07, 16:59
Did you see a price anywhere, what does that card cost?

Considering the PCI-express version of the X1950XTX: Club3D Radeon X1950XTX 512MB GDDR4, PCI-Express, Dual-DVI-I, VIVO, (http://www.komplett.nl/k/ki.asp?sku=324909) is € 379,00

10-01-07, 17:07
About $250-300...

10-01-07, 17:22
Well, fair price! :tmb:

10-01-07, 18:18
Joseph, What is your graphic card's brand(X1900XT)?

10-01-07, 19:07
Club3D. It's the previous version of this one:
Club3D Radeon X1950XTX 512MB GDDR4, PCI-Express, Dual-DVI-I, VIVO, CF Ready (http://www.komplett.nl/k/ki.asp?sku=324909) ...and then the XT version, which was just as fast as the XTX version.

This brand (Club3D) is always relatively cheaper because they don't include hot new games for free, but only the card, drivers, and a few cheap softwares. So, you basically have to pay for the card only. They use reference card, same as the card made by ATI, unmodified.