View Full Version : Which Tomb Raider games are your favorites/less favorites/never mind and why?

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1. Last Revelation: Introduced me properly to the Tomb Raider series, I really liked the Egyptian setting for the game and I simply, just really enjoyed the game. And of course the game was huge. :)

2. Tomb Raider 2: Some of the most beautiful looking locations in the Tomb Raider series, had a good variety of locations. Although there were a few too many water levels for my liking.

3. Tomb Raider AOD: It had a good storyline, although it was slightly broken since the game is uncompleted and rushed out for release. If given a few more months to finish the game off, it would of been much better. The controls are awkward at times but eventually I got used to them. Graphically brilliant considering the massive leap from Chronicles to AOD.

4. Tomb Raider Chronicles: Had a good variety of locations and Young Lara taking on a slightly more horror based section of the game was a nice addition. Its too bad the game wasnt longer.

5. Tomb Raider Legend: Dont get me wrong, I liked Tomb Raider Legend, but it just didnt feel like Tomb Raider to me. Even though it had good characters and a good story, the game was not long enough and the replay value was not there for me sadly. But it is a promising start for Crystal Dynamics who can take these mistakes and improve them for the Anniversary edition and other Tomb Raider games in the future.

Tomb Raider 1 and 3, I havent really played enough.

Mad Tony
13-01-07, 14:51
Tomb Raiders I, II & III are all my joint favorites.

Tomb Raider I - The beginning of Lara croft.
I loved this game, it had some awesome characters, awesome location and great weapons.
Not to mention what I think is a fantastic storyline and kick-ass gameplay.
The music was very good as well, it fits perfectly into the setting.

Tomb Raider II - Yet again, a great game.
Lara Croft was still the same bad ass woman we all know and love. :)
The locations were just stunning, there were just as many lovable characters in this one as the last.
Not to mention, more great music, weapons and the same great gameplay.
Awesome story.

Tomb Raider III - Another great masterpiece.
Just like I and II, there were many great characters, locations and weapons.
IMO, the music on TR III is the best music throughout the whole Tomb Raider series.
And I just loved the new features like sprint and crawl.
And the story was fantastic! :)

I really liked Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation & Tomb Raider: Chronicles, but I didn't like the absence of the ring inventory system and the croft manor.
And level select on the PS version.
But on a whole, I still loved these games. :)

Angel of Darkness, well, I'm not too keen on it, but it still has some Tomb Raider elements in it, and I think it is an ok game.

Legend - Trash.

13-01-07, 15:04
Tomb Raider I - Simply put, A master piece.
Tomb Raider II - My first Tomb Raider and I enjoyed the story locations
Tomb Raider III - My second TR game and my first demo. I loved the nevada parts and south paficic.
Tomb Raider IV - Probs my favourite, best storyline in the series IMO, the combining system, puzzles

les favourites

Tomb raider Chronicles - it was ok but not that good.
Tomb raider AOD - I enjoyed the story and athmospheric locations, especially the huge tomb area under louvre.

Legend... ok.. but WAY too short and had a way too emotional storyline

13-01-07, 15:10
Tomb Raider:
Easily one of my favorites in the series. It had that beautiful, yet tense atmosphere with well placed, wonderful music. It was the introduction to Lara Croft and the story and adventure were brilliant!

Tomb Raider II:
Once again, another masterpiece. The great bump of graphics were awesome, and the storyline was again wonderfully executed. The weapons, inventory, and mansion were all upgraded. A truly worthy sequel.

Tomb Raider III:
This was harder than the first two, and I only completed it with a strategy guide. Again, everything was upgraded, and the FMV's were amazing. The story was well thought out, and the locations were very lush in detail. Not only that, Lara kicked some major ass in this one.

Tomb Raider The Last Revelation:
Well, This one was a good game, but the length and the constant Egyptian levels would easily lose my interest sometimes. I also had to use a strategy guide for this one. The graphics were the best of the series (at the time) and the story was intriguing and complex.

Tomb Raider Chronicles:
I thought that this game introduced nothing new, but was a very enjoyable game with great cutscenes and FMV's. The stories were simple. but enjoyable to play. Sometimes parts drug on to long and they would lose my intrest, but finished the game feeling pretty satisfied.

Tomb Raider The Angel of Darkness:
Well, I'm torn between love and hate for this game. It had superb graphics and a very engaging storyline, but the controls and multiple gliches were really aggrivating at sometimes, and so was having to go through half of the game just to get the pistols. Overall, it was an okay game but not one I could replay over and over.

Tomb Raider Legend:
Well, I was very pleasantly surprised with this game. I felt it was a definete breath of fresh air. I found the controls EXCELLENT and loved how Lara moved so fluidly. The story always revealed little peices at a time, which was streched a little far but was really enjoyable. This was really up on my favorites, and I thought it was a wonderful game!

Lara Croft!
13-01-07, 16:42
Tomb Raider II - My first Tomb Raider and I enjoyed the story locations

The best TR for me....Better than I but close to it!!!

TRIII follows up next,which is even more improved,Chronicles which was so fun!Then AOD,it was different,it was great,then TRI,Legend and TRIV comes last...I find it boring and depressing...and now I'm prejudiced towards it!:D