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14-01-07, 02:00
Ouw. My toe REALLY hurts, its by Big Toe on my left foot. A few months back i chipped the right side of the toe, now its grown onto a bend.. INTO MY TOE. I noticed the pain when i woke up, I tried to push the swelling down to cut the sharp bit going INTO my toe, but No matter how hard i pushed it, it HURT and it wouldnt go far enough. Any suggestions on how to fix it :S


14-01-07, 02:02
That your toenail? You'll probably need to go see a doctor, else it could become infected, and then you'll know REAL pain.

14-01-07, 02:03
Yeh, its the nail, It began growing at an angle INTO my toe, And I only noticed it this morning :S Hmm. I dont want to need to go to hospital as I am going to Malaysia on Wednesday, and I dont want to be on a waiting list that is DURING that holiday period.

14-01-07, 02:05
Clearly it's the president's fault

14-01-07, 02:08
Clearly it's the president's fault

Um, What?

14-01-07, 02:09
I'm kidding. You know that. ;)

14-01-07, 02:11
potential ingrown toenail??

14-01-07, 02:24
that happend to me once. But not in the big toe. And it really hurts. But I just ignored it and now it's normal again.

14-01-07, 02:38
The nail on my big toe grew in last year too...I went to see the doctor and I had to have an "operation"...nothing big of course...just cut the piece of your nail off or something...I got to go home right after that...but the doctor didn't cut it right so the nail kind of started growing out of my toe at a weird angle and it hurt like hell...so I had to have another operation...this time I got to stay at the hospital for over a week lol...because I had some sort of blood infection like thing...(er...I hope I didn't freak you out)
But I think your nail should grow out by itself..just make sure you don't cut the edges too short or it will keep growing in..

Chug a Bug
14-01-07, 03:36
It's an ingrowing toenail. You need to get it sorted out it won't clear up on it's own. Either get your doctor to refer you to a clinic, or go and see a chiropodist/podiatrist privately if you can't wait. Don't worry, it's not usually life threatening. ;)