View Full Version : "Ghost Town" comming to theatres May 2007

Miss Golden
14-01-07, 03:36
What is expected to be one of the biggest films of 2007.


Appalacian folklore and legend tells the story of a man in 1856, who came out of the mountain wilderness of Cold Springs, North Carolina to revenge his fathers death. In his wake he left a Ghost town. Today, twenty years later he returns to revenge his daughters honor.

Directed by:
Jeff Kennedy
Dean West

Writen by:
DJ Perry
Dean West

Herbert 'Cowboy' Coward
Bill McKinney
DJ Perry
Princess Lucaj
Rance Howard
Renee O'Connor
Tony Becker
Stella Parton
Terence Knox
Sammy Kershaw


DJ Perry's Blog: http://www.djperryfanclub.com/DJ12.html
Princess Lucaj's Offical Website http://www.princesslucaj.com/
Renee O'Connor Fansite: http://www.reneeoconnor.info/

14-01-07, 05:21
I love Xena so seeing Renee on the bigscreen will make me feel good.

14-01-07, 05:36
to be honest, the poster looks horrific...They need hire a new graphic team

Miss Golden
14-01-07, 06:09
I love Xena so seeing Renee on the bigscreen will make me feel good.
Renee will also be starring in "Diamonds and Guns" and "Boogeyman 2".

14-01-07, 06:17
two more movies i must see :)

Miss Golden
14-01-07, 23:03
I just want to confirm - that poster will not be used anymore. Dean Teaster has registered on Renee's fan forums and is getting the fans opinion - apparently that picture does not represent the character of Little Jack very well since she is supposed to be very tough and able to hold her own against a gang of outlaws. For more information go here:

http://p068.ezboard.com/ftalkingxenafrm7.showMessageRange?topicID=1404.top ic&start=1&stop=10

15-01-07, 04:27
yeah, that poster looked horrible....obviously not a mainstream advertisement......looked like someone photoshopped it.....bleh..