View Full Version : 1994 - Zakky's Year of Naughtyness

14-01-07, 13:02
Back in good ol' 1994, I was a bit naughty xD I was 3, and I decided to be the centre of attention and climb the pool fence.
After the first time, My Gran and Mum rang the newsstation, and asked them to try and catch me at it again with the camera, I did it again of course, Twice Actually.
So, they hid the camera's in the games room. And i got caught >_> NOT HAPPY :p Well, I could have died.

Here is the link if anyone is interested to watch the article.


As alot of them do, Ten News made a BIG mistake with my name. They called me Zac Callaghan.
Callaghan is my Grandmother'sSurname/Mothers Maiden Name. I have my dad's last name which is Matulick.


P.S. Sorry about the bad quality and Jumpy Screens, thats what happens when you record from the TV Screen xD

14-01-07, 14:36
I use to climb fences when I was about 3 or 4 years old too Mizuno_Suisei until I feel off and cut half my hand open (I needed four or five stitches to close the wound)! :D

If you ever have kids and they get any bright idea's about climbing on fences you can show them this video? :tmb: