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14-01-07, 15:17
I recorded video with fraps today.it had 15 minutes,but 2Gigabytes!I have Virtual dub,what compression type is the best?(video codec) and smallest?

14-01-07, 15:39
XViD is the best. Google for the codec if you don't have it.

Sounds can become the largest part in a video, make it mpeg3 layer if you can.

14-01-07, 15:44
I don't know the possible formats available with VD. I would suggest windows wmv format. If you have Quicktime Pro, the best format by far is H264 codec. This has high compression with little quality loss, even at high compression settings. I would also reduce the frame rate to say 15 fps to further reduce size. If you have recorded at 640 x 480 I would also reduce the size of the frame.
A useful tool (free) for converting avi to wmv is Paolone's TR Media Manager, it can be found here.
(look under the 'tools' menu, you can ignore all other features of the media manager).


14-01-07, 17:00
I've only ever used Fraps, but used WinAvi converter to convert the final file into a WMV, then get rid of all the massive fraps files. :wve:

14-01-07, 18:31
compress to xvid mpeg-4 it's the best on youtube.

14-01-07, 18:33
Whenver I use FRAPS, I assemble the clips in Windows Movie Maker. It's great if you're making a compilation or a music video or if you just want to compress huge files into more manageable chunks. Plus, it's free and probably already installed on your PC in its latest form.

14-01-07, 18:34
Thanks :D Xvid is the best :) small and nice :D