View Full Version : My first sims 2 wallpaper

14-01-07, 17:53
To stop any confusion i mean wallcovering
It's very basic.
Im going to make several TR 1's though i can't find any Lara images that are 256x512.
If your a TS2 player PM me and i'll give you a link(if you want to of course:D

14-01-07, 19:06
What do you mean with wallcovering?!

14-01-07, 19:17
like wallpaper. You know the stuff you put on walls

14-01-07, 19:26
You mean a poster? Well, there isn't even a hint of TS2 in it. Weird. ;)

14-01-07, 21:08
no WALLPAPER you know get a roll of it and put paste on the back to glue it onto a wall jeez.
i made it for TS2. just because it's made for a game doesnt mean it has to look like it has anything to do with it.