View Full Version : Important Developement in my Future

15-01-07, 14:21
I made an extremely good desicion today concerning my future. I opened my 2007 calender, I looked at it, and I realized I should hang it up and look at it more often. As it is Martin Luther King Day and I didn't have to drive all the way down to work at the Day Care at 5:30am because they are closed today.

15-01-07, 14:25
:vlol: I'm not sure if I'm supposed to find that funny but I did. Your extremly lucky you openend that calender!

15-01-07, 14:29

15-01-07, 16:35
Er.. Great?

15-01-07, 16:47
Well I thougt it was funny after being very angry I had driven all the way down town and didn't realize it was Martin Luthur King day.

I alos think its funny I currently can't spell, just thought I'd share another pathetic day in my life. I'm not always getting pulled over by cops. =D