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15-01-07, 17:52
:confused: soz to create a useless post but how do i get pictures next to my name i'm new and i dont know hardly anything

ben croft
15-01-07, 17:59
Welcome aboard, Naz2000. I you want to have an avatar (the picture next to your display name), click here (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/announcement.php?f=13). This page has all instructions.


15-01-07, 18:06
hey Naz2000 , if you have anymore questions like this one go on over to the General Chat Threads.

Have fun ! :)

15-01-07, 18:18
Hey, :wve: like Ben Croft said, have fun! :wve: :) Remember to try and stick to the rules :D

15-01-07, 18:33
Hi Naz, welcome to the forums :wve:

Since the relevant thread with your information has already been posted I'll close this one, just to prevent more submissions.

Don't worry Naz, we were all new here once too :hug: