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16-01-07, 08:27

16-01-07, 08:32
TR1 ;)

Why not put them in order, other than just say one of them?

In that case, my favourites are:


Ward Dragon
16-01-07, 08:36
I don't know which game's soundtrack I like best. My favorite TR songs are the TR1 theme and Dance of the Lux Veritatis from AOD :)

Miss Golden
16-01-07, 10:03
Tomb Raider III was was a mixed selection instead of sticking to the one style which was good. Each track suited the location and event it played in perfectly. The title screen also has one of the best renditions of the TR theme to date.

Tomb Raider II is my second favourite. The snowmobile music (ATTN Crystal - the techno music should be like THIS) and the Venice themes are two of the best pieces ever made in a TR game. All the others were very fitting as well and very memoriable.

Tomb Raider IV is my third choice because of it's epic feel. The downside is it sometimes sounds computerized and the tracks are all very similar.

Tomb Raider Legend for the most part was great. The Legend theme (aka from half the cutscenes/Bolivia Reduex/Title Screen/End Level Screen) was perfect. Most of the other music was very fitting with where it played and enjoyable, especially the start of Ghana. Even the two rock tracks from Nepal and Kazakstan were catchy. What I hated was the techno. Absolute garbage, too movie-like and out of place.

Tomb Raider was good. The TR theme in this one is still one of the best, As a Playstation player I am speaking for a number of tracks that PC players missed out on. There are at least 3 tracks that had 2 different versions (Natla fight, T-Rex/Torso man fight and the Sphinx in SotS) which are all excellent, and the premix of the India theme is nice too - but the problem is that's pretty much all the game has, unless you count some random choir vocals. Also again they were all too similar with the classicial music approach.

Tomb Raider: AOD was nice being that it didn't use computers but rather a real orchastra and had lots of memoriable tunes, but the music just seems dreary in comparrison to the classics. There isn't much life to it. That's good for the game, but listening to it straight off your PC it is one of the weaker soundtracks.

Tomb Raider Chronicles has the worst. Most of the music is pretty much someone beating some bongos. The military tracks used in the Russia and VCI levels sound generic and at times annoying. Also there were quite a few (of the not so good) tracks reused from the Last Revelation. Still it had some good pieces like the very start of the Deepsea Dive level and the VCI theme from the credits.

16-01-07, 10:11
I liked the opening music of chornicles u know the music where the ttile csreen is new game etc and the camera flew through the court ward i also love legend opening and tr ones chnating monks

16-01-07, 10:12
I think the TR with the most tracks I like is TR1 :tmb:

16-01-07, 15:05
Tracks 36, 41, 48, 49 and 60 on the CD are great :D

16-01-07, 15:09
I like the TRIII and AOD soundtracks, they stuck with me the most. :)

16-01-07, 15:17
I LOVE the AOD soundtrack! Not my favorite game, but the music is wonderful!!!

16-01-07, 15:27
The Legend soundtrack!:D But the new Anniversary song from tombraider.com seems promising though...

da tomb raider!
16-01-07, 15:30
Tomb Raider...
Closely followed by Tomb Raider III and The Angel of Darkness.

16-01-07, 16:02
TR 1 is the one with that theme... So that's my favourite.

TR 4 comes close second.

16-01-07, 16:30
Legend is my favorite, and I actually do find the music in AOD quite pretty.

16-01-07, 16:34
TR1 has the best soundtrack I think. It's not so much the music itself (although Nathan McCree's score was excellent), but more the points in the game in which they play. The piece of music that accompanies your first few steps into the main 'hall' in St. Francis' Folly is a great example of what I mean - the music alone makes that bit really memorable for me :)

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16-01-07, 16:54
I would say TR1,TR:AoD and TRL.

16-01-07, 16:57
Aod and Legend is my favorite. I wish it was possible to buy the soundtrack though :(

Mad Tony
16-01-07, 17:00
From my favorite, to my least favorite. :)

TR II } Not much between these, if there is any.
TR I }

TR: Legend

star girl
16-01-07, 17:01
AOD soundtrack, it plucks my heartstrings! *sob*

Ward Dragon
16-01-07, 17:11
Aod and Legend is my favorite. I wish it was possible to buy the soundtrack though :(

You can download the songs :)


TR 4ever
16-01-07, 17:16
TR 2, TR:AoD & TR:L

16-01-07, 17:17
TR1... Then after that Legend.

Lara Croft!
16-01-07, 17:21

16-01-07, 17:47
You can download the songs :)


That's only 8 of the Legend tracks and AoD doesn't seem to be complete either. :/

Alex Fly
16-01-07, 17:48
Tomb Raider Legend ! :)

16-01-07, 17:51
Tomb Raider 1.....Then AoD.

Ward Dragon
16-01-07, 17:56
That's only 8 of the Legend tracks and AoD doesn't seem to be complete either. :/

Huh, I never really noticed. Does Legend have more than 8 songs?

Mad Tony
16-01-07, 18:03
Huh, I never really noticed. Does Legend have more than 8 songs?
It has more songs than levels! :vlol:
And there aren't that many songs anyway! :p