View Full Version : Gym Bag?

17-01-07, 01:22
hey well i want to get a gym bag but i want there to be a kind of airbrush picture like they do with shirts and was wondering if anyone knows a place or site that might airbrush a picture of someone on a bag? because i wanted a picture of a celebrity on my gym bag. if you really don't know what i mean i'll try to find a picture of something like it. thank you in advance.:D

17-01-07, 01:25
I got mines done though Sportswave :).

Here is the site if you like:


17-01-07, 01:29
thanks but i'm kind of looking for a bag kind of like this nike bag (http://image.shopzilla.com/resize?sq=160&uid=419104456&mid=18570) and i want it to be an airbrush picture of angelina jolie. but thank you anyways. :D

17-01-07, 01:38
You can try HERE (http://www.partypop.com/Vendors/4002701.htm). Actually, I think they're more of an entertainment group that comes to parties and airbrushes things for you, but maybe look around on their site, they might have some way you can order something.

17-01-07, 02:07
thanks but i went on the site and there pretty much the party kind of thing but thanks anyways.:D