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18-01-07, 03:09
I'm not sure where to put this, so I'll put it here.

Hi I'm Don (Rorydk4 at PL) and have been working on a project gathering ideas with two other raiders and coming up with a story for a new TR level/s. Well it's been a frustrating couple of days as we still need some people to join the team and to help with creating these.

It's a flexable idea and I want anyone who joins to feel they can input all of their ideas as well.

A level builder is still urgently needed as no level can be made without one.

So If you love working in a team and interested in a challenge, then come along and join our team!

Thanks for taking a moment to read this.

P.S: Please let me know via my e-mail if you'd like to help/join the team.

18-01-07, 03:14
If I didnt have so many things in school, and life going on at the moment I would have definetly joined your team :) (and if I had more experience with the Level Editor) There are many talented level builders here and I can guarentee you'll find someone great :D. Good luck!

Beautiful drawing anyway! I can send you a link to some really nice plants from Tomb Raider Search.org (incase you havent found them yet xD)

Heres a beautiful plant set (made by Teme9) they are very high quality and they'll fit in pretty well in a jungle level

These ferns are excellent (Im using them in my level and they really look awesome, and also made by Teme9)

And some nice tropical plants again made by Teme9, I have never used them so I cant really say how they look ingame.

Im sure you've seen most of these, but incase you need some extra green... ;).

18-01-07, 03:22
Thank you! I appreciate that! :D Good luck with school and stuff.

I sure hope some of those talented builders will join. :)

18-01-07, 04:48
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23-01-07, 16:43
Normally I'd say something along the lines of "if you want to get a project done, do it yourself and stop being so lazy", but this one looks like it has quite a lot of potential, given the good amount of very interesting concept art you've drawn. Can you give us a bit more information about the project and what kind of people you're looking for, and the sort of thing they'll be building/making?

24-01-07, 10:38
Actually I`m doing it also so I`m really happy to help you.

27-01-07, 05:21
What happened to the link?

27-01-07, 11:08
It's censored. ;)

And now it is gone.