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OK, so I'm older than most people here - I'll bet maybe older than some of your parents. But school is school and always will be so this story might interest some of you.
I was in my morning advisory. That's like homeroom where you started each day at 8:10 and your advisory took care of business and attendance and tardy slips and report cards and stuff. I forget, maybe I was a sophomore or senior in highschool. Anyway, I had a friend sitting next to me named Bob. He just got back from vacation in France with his parents. He brought two souvenirs to show me. They were switchblade knifes. They're illegal everywhere, maybe even a felony to have one in the US. I said "Wow, can I see one?" He let me have the big one and I pressed the button. "SWIK!" The blade flipped out just like the movies. Then he let me try the little one. "SHIIIICKKKK!" The blade appeared from nowhere like a bumblebee stinger. My eyes were as big as saucers with amazement.
Bob said "PUT IT AWAY, PUT IT AWAY YOU FOOL!" Our advisor was in front of the class with his back to us but he didn't see me with the blades.

That was a lucky thing. For if he had, I could've gotten expelled, maybe even Bob and I both, and maybe gotten arrested and sent to juvenile court. What a mess! And imagine my dad hearing about that! Geeze I was stupid! They would've all made a federal case out of it and I might never have gotten into college.

As it turned out, nobody saw us, and that was the last time I ever saw a switchblade knife. Gone and forgotten. No big deal. And my life went on perfectly normal. The adults would've ruined my life, sometimes kids have more brains than they gave us credit for.

- The End

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Yikes. :eek: Amazing how such a small, petty incident has the potential to cause so much trouble! Glad you came out okay in the end. :tmb:

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our senior trip was a five day venture that took us to dc, nyc, and baltimore (one of the best times of my life). to most of us we were aggravated with the tour guide in dc cause we had very little time to actually enjoy the places we were seeing.

but my favorite part of the trip happened in dc in the hotel. so we're staying in the mariott near alexandria (i think). and as usual, to unwind my friends and i headed for the pool & hottub. we're in the pool playing around when chance, a guy from our group, runs to the pool to tell tim, the guy from our scool flirting with me in the pool, that there are some really hot foreign girls in the hot tub. they were hideous (don't think i'm saying that cause i'm a girl, it doesn't bother me to admit that i think another girl is pretty or attractive). since our guy friends had abandoned us we decided to get even. tiff and i decided to strut from the pool to the hot tub (an entire three feet, lol) get in with the guys, be all lovey and be like, "baby, why'd you go?" so we're strutting to the inground hottub and i go to step in to sit down beside tim and MISS THE STEP DOWN! (in my defense, the inside was painted white and with all the lights and the bubbles it can be very difficult to see where the step is, lol) i was close enough tho to land on the step when i fell. my best friend, sharon, was still in the pool and said all she heard was a splash and turned around to see legs and arms everywhere. my foot bruised slightly but it was just so funny, i still laugh when i think about it

btw, our plan worked. the guys wanted to know if i was okay and we got all their attention and went back upstairs to hang out (where i "flashed" a chaperone, lol) but you should have seen the look the girls were giving us, lol

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Glad you came out okay in the end. :tmb:

That's debatable. :tea:

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All of life comes down to choices and which paths to take. A little mistake can have far reaching consequences further along.