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Miss Golden
19-01-07, 13:19
Passions Cancelled

Wednesday, 17 January 2007

NBC makes room for upcoming 4-hour Today Show and Passions gets the ax

Tracey Ross (Eve) and Ben Ross (Julian) PassionsDaily Variety is reporting today that Passions, which debuted almost 8 years ago, is now cancelled. On Monday, the network announced plans to extend the Today Show to a total of 4 hours, making the writing on the wall clear for another program in the daytime lineup. Some show was going to have to go. Looks like Passions got the short straw.

NBC’s decision to cancel Passions is interesting for a number of reasons:

1) The network has been exceedingly progressive in it’s tie-ins for Passions and technology. Initiatives like Passions shows being downloadable from the internet; Passions music being available on iTunes, Fancy Crane’s fashion line, Crane Couture, being available for purchase online, the famous storyline hooks of Passions Red and Tabloid Truth which interacted directly with audiences via the internet, and NBC touting just days ago that Passions ranked No. 4 among all serials for women 18-49 and tied for first-place with "Days of Our Lives" as the top soap among women 18-34 for the first week of January.

2) NBC owns Passions outright, meaning the network keeps all the profits generated by the show.

As the soap is so popular with younger audiences, Variety speculates, and Soapdom agrees with their speculation, that even though the show is being cancelled from the network daytime lineup, does not mean it’s going to disappear altogether. NBC is already streaming episodes over the internet. What’s to stop them from debuting episodes online everyday, instead of just rebroadcasting them? Let’s not forget the SOAPnet Cable network, the “new way to watch soaps.” Perhaps SOAPnet would consider airing new episodes of Passions. There’s also the struggling MyNetwork TV which is barely staying afloat with it’s telenovela format. Could Passions find a home there?

All remains to be seen. At press time, the spokesperson for the show shared with Soapdom that an official statement from the network would be forthcoming later today. The good news is that Passions is on the air at least through June, when it’s current contract expires. As the new Today Show format isn’t expected to go into effect until September, the network may try to convince Passions to stick around through August, pending negotiations with actors, producers, writers and crew.

The bigger picture question is could the cancellation of Passions pave the way for the end of any other soap? Guiding Light celebrates 70 years on the air on January 25th. Are soaps here to stay or are they going the way of the dodo bird?

Stay tuned to Soapdom for more on this breaking story.

Passions, set in the fictional seaside town of Harmony, debuted July 5, 1999.

NBC Official Statment
Added 11:41 AM Pacific Time

"The daytime drama 'Passions' will end its run on NBC later this summer," the show spokesperson confirmed for Soapdom. She went on to likewise confirm the speculation above regarding finding a new home for the soap when she shared the following: "Given the show’s loyal fan base and the tremendous value of the 'Passions' brand, we are actively pursuing alternative platforms for the program, and will have an announcement about that in the near future." Stay tuned.