View Full Version : First resident evil game

19-01-07, 23:35
In the parts of the film where its not animated, is that Sienna playing Jill Valentine? Also in the part where you choose a character, is that Sienna on Jills ID card? thanks xxx

19-01-07, 23:37
Nope :wve: Sienna didnt have anything to do with the role til the movie, whereas the game was 8 years ago

19-01-07, 23:38
Thanks, do you know who it was, whoever it was she's very beautiful!

19-01-07, 23:40
The character was voiced, and as far as i know played by an actress only known as Inezh, but in Resident Evil: Nemesis, she was played by Catherine Disher and finally, in Resident Evil Remake, she was played by Heidi Anderson :wve: