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20-01-07, 11:47
Would it be possable for somone to give me a quick 'in a nutshell' story of

tr3, tlr and chronicles (or just one of them)

I just want to know the story tbh I dont realy want to play the games (I couldnt get into them)

20-01-07, 12:45
(You're lucky I have nothing to do today :ton: )


A meteorite cavern is discovered by a group of scientists in Antartica. Lara is in India searching for an artifact. She gets mixed up with members from that group of scientists who tell her about the artifacts that have come from the meteorite and been spread across the world.
-One in India
-One in South Pacific with tribes people
-One is in Nevada's Area 51 inside a Ufo
-One is in London and a mad woman is using it as some mad plastic surgery tool (I don't know, I never really 'got' what she was about..)

So, Lara gets them and heads to Antartica where the artifacts are stolen from her by the villain 'Dr Willard'. He uses the artifacts and the power of the meteor to turn himself into a crazy magic-spider-monster-guy. Lara takes back the artifacts, stops crazy magic-spider-monster-guy, and escapes.


We get the story of how Lara became a Tomb Raider at the age of 16 with her mentor Von Croy in Cambodia. There's an incident where Von Croy tries to attain the 'Iris' artifact (see TR5) and gets stuck inside the tomb as it collapses, but Lara manages to escape.

Leap forwards to December 31st 1999, Lara in Egypt acidentally releases the ancient Egyptian got of chaos and evil - Seth - by nicking the Amulet of Horus.

A friend of Lara's tells her about an ancient prophecy and that on the edge of the millenium Seth return and basically cause armageddon. The only way he can be stopped is by finding the 'Armour of Horus - God of light' and placing it on the statue of Horus beneath the Great Pyramid. She sets off, persued by her ex-mentor - the now more bitter Von Croy who has taken the Amulet of Horus from Lara.
Lara find the pieces of the Armour of Horus. Von Croy has kidnapped her friend and offered a trade - his life, for the Armour of Horus. Lara rushes off to the City of the Dead to rescue her friend, and manages to escape Von Croy's clutches - The Amulet of Horus has began to let the evil power of Seth flow through him, as though he was possessed.
Lara gets to the Great Pyramid, gets inside it and beneath it into the Temple of Horus. She puts the Armour on the Statue, but as Horus is being summoned, Seth barges in and destroys the armour. Lara seals Seth inside the Temple of Horus. It starts to collapse (as all good tombs do) and as Lara is near the exit she spots Von Croy. He's offering to help get her out of the Pyramid. She hesitates, makes a false move and seems to have given up hope. The temple collapses on top of her, Lara croft is buried underneath.


A memorial service is being held in memory of Lara Croft - presumed dead. Some of her friends are gathered around in Croft Manor, talking about her past adventures that we've not known about.
In one of them, Lara visits Rome and gets the Philosopher's stone.
In another, she descends in a Russian U-boat and goes on a deep sea dive for the Spear of Destiny.
Next we go on another 'young Lara' mission where she visits a spooky island with a priest, talks to hanging corpses and uses some spellbook to defeat an ancient Demon.
Finally Lara invades Von Croy's HQ building and in a stealthy mission retrieves the Iris artifact that her and Von Croy went after in the start of TR4. She escapes.
The final FMV shows Von Croy under the Great Pyramid, he picks up Lara's backpack and says 'We've found her!'

*Que the start of the unknown period - we don't know how she escaped. She changed though, nearly gave up Tomb Raiding until Von Croy calls for her help - then TR6 starts.*

(Sorry, I don't do 'in a nutshell' ;) )

The following video has clips from TR3/4/5's cutscenes. :wve:


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thanks that really helped:tmb:

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No worries! :) I enjoy going over the old stories :D

20-01-07, 13:26
wow those theme tunes really brought back memories
That the tr 1 + 2 theme reminds me of when me and my brother were playing it back in the day.
I wish I had got into the others like I did 2 but after my brother moved out (around the time tr4 came out) I kind of lost interest

20-01-07, 14:26
Very well explained, Riv :tmb:

23-01-07, 01:45
that did bring back memories!
and i have none of them games anymore :(
i so gotta get them again!!!!